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Rewiring the Space Between

In this workshop you will be journeying to the root of stress and learning how to respond positively.

There is a space in between what is happening in our lives and how we react. That space determines what comes next. That space can make or break us. That space creates “stress” and it’s our job to see that stress as an opportunity for us — not against us.

Stress is a stimulus that encourages a response on a cellular level to move forward + become more resilient — basically we are BUILT to not only deal with stress, but to use it to transform our mind, push passed self limiting beliefs + become the strongest version of ourselves.

Our goal in this two hour workshop is to welcome stress through mediation, communication and intense movement. As cliche as it sounds, the only way out is through. Community + support is extremely vital for us to rewire our mindset.

What to expect:

  • Breathing exercises to get our mind + body in sync

  • Visualization and intentional affirmations

  • Intense Ashtanga inspired flow — focused on breath and held poses meant to create heat to aid in release while strengthening + empowering the mind + body connection.

  • We invite verbal release: laugh, scream, speak an affirmation outloud, give a lion’s breath — anything to let that shit go.

  • Rose tea + an open casual discussion

What you get:

  • A journal for your thoughts

  • Palo santo & Sage

  • Stress reducing crystals

  • Organic rose tea

Fee: $70

Earlier Event: October 17
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