Rebel Yoga is core power movements sequenced together to create a flow that will leave you strengthened, lengthened and energized. All classes are 60 minutes of transitioning between postures that incorporate plyometrics, calisthenics and of course your traditional vinyasa asanas.


Rebel Yoga holds space for people to grow both physically and mentally, through the practice of core, power yoga at their own pace and at all levels. We're not just your average yoga class, we encourage students to go against what they think they know about yoga and rewire their thoughts to realign their bodies.


We're modern, athletic, dynamic and rebellious, we believe no one is "good" at yoga, yoga is a practice between your own mental and physical bodies. The focus is not on the attainment of a perfected pose but to familiarize your body with its proper alignment.


We incorporate body weight movements, sweat dripping and beat pumping music to get you flowing, awakening your inner fire that you've been searching for, spreading your wings like a butterfly ready to take flight.


Whether your an athlete, newbie or advanced yogi Rebel will have a class for you.

“We are born with a strong foundation; the ability to move, develop senses and strengthen our minds. As we age if we dont maintain that foundation and prevent cracks, it will shatter, this is how we loose our body awareness and risk injury.”
— Tasia Sabatino, Rebel Studio Owner