Tips to make the most of your class…

No cell phones are allowed in the yoga room, save the selfies for post class.

Doors will be closed 5 minutes after class start to avoid disturbances, if it's your first time rebelling please arrive 10 minutes prior to class.

Note: All classes are 60 minutes.


You must cancel your class 4 hours or more prior to class start time in order to unreserve your spot and return it to your account.

Once your spot is cancelled, the class will be returned to your account for future use.

If you late cancel after the 4 hour window, you will be charged $10 to the credit card on file and your class will be returned to your account.


You must cancel 24 hours or more in advance to receive credit for another workshop. If you late cancel less than 24 hours before class starts, your workshop credit will be deducted from your account.


We only have (6) spots in front of our studio. Alternate Parking–behind the building against the wall (please do not park in spots along the train tracks), The Barley house lot (only mornings and weekends), and residential parking across the street. Please do not park in The Barley House lot during evening classes.