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Class Descriptions;


OUR SIGNATURE REBEL FLOW; Friendly for alll levels and offered in both hot [hovering in the 90's] and non-hot temperatures [hovering in the 70's] The is a 60 minutes non stop moving flow, focusing on alignment, strengthening and lengthening the entire body and toning that booty and core. Flowing to the latest hits, old school classics, hip-hop and more beats.

REBEL RECOVERY FLOW; Our Rebel recovery flow is at a more laid back pace than our signature flow. Designed to restore muscles, the stretches and postures are longer and deeper to promote lengthening and recovery, think slowing it down.This flow does not include vinyasas.

REBEL AND RELEASE; Involves a handful of restorative postures, incorporating breath work and energy healing to aide in removing blockages and imbalances within the body. Class is led by Kate Emma, a yoga instructor, reiki practitioner and healer. Kate guides students into postures where she will then utilize reiki to help with natural healing. Class will conclude with a long savasana and chakra crystal singing bowls.

REBELYIN FUSION; Starting this September. This class will make you melt, literally. Different Yin yoga poses stimulate and remove blockages in the myofascial meridians in the body. This has the effect of balancing the body’s internal organs and systems.The room temperature will hover in the 80's to promote muscles to lengthen without force. Poses can be held from 45s up until 5 minutes to wake up the connective tissues. 


Class Pricing;


FIRST TWO WEEKS UNLIMITED - $39 [first time rebels]

SINGLE CLASS - $28 [students: $22]


TEN CLASS PACK - $240               

TWENTY CLASS PACK - $420 + 1 class on us! 

TWENTY-FIVE CLASS PACK - $475 + 2 classes on us!

  MONTHLY UNLIMITED CLASSES: $199                                         [Contract 3 months, auto-pay]                                            [Good if you rebel 2-3x per week]   

   ONE YEAR UNLIMITED CLASSES: $1850                                     [In studio only & to be paid in full]

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Private Sessions;



New to yoga or interested in advancing your practice in a one on one setting? Choose from a selection of our talented instructors or have us choose one for you based upon your wants and goals. Email us to schedule a call

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Class Policies.


Keep this tips in mind to make the most of your class time.

NO cell phones are allowed in the yoga room, save the selfies for post class.

Doors will be closed 5 minutes after class start to avoid disturbances, if it's your first time rebelling please arrive 10 minutes prior to class start.

All of our classes are 60 minutes.



You must cancel your class 4 hours or more prior to class start time in order to unreserve your spot and return it to your account.

Once your spot is cancelled, the class will be returned to your account for future use.

If you late cancel after the 4 hour window, you will be charged $10 to the credit card on file and your class will be returned to your account.


You must cancel 24 hours or more in advance to receive credit for another workshop. If you late cancel less than 24 hours before class starts, your workshop credit will be deducted from your account.